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Defying the stereotypes of aging and finding solutions. Preventing age related diseases is an attitude.

Whose mission is to impact at least one million Canadians and one billion Earthians in 10–15 years

I am so fortunate to have met so many interesting people in the community where I work. Champions Martial Arts Academy has been standing strong since 1992 serving thousands of people from all ages and all walks of life.

Like Hayley Winter’s son, Dr. Francis Vala has been a student at Champions, benefiting from learning the skills of self-defense. …

Are Acting And Entertainment Therapeutic? Find Out Here!

Like my previous interviews of Hayley and Dr. Vala, I met Sharon Taylor at Champions Martial Arts Academy over twenty years ago and watched her bloom into a local celebrity staring in Bad Blood and Big Sky, among many other films.

The reason why I wanted to feature Sharon here is because of her views on mental health and how she believes acting and good quality entertainment can be a part of helping heal mental health issues.

I am honored to interview her and to share her thoughts with you. …


You were young once, and it was enough for you, right? You have no desire to go back. You just want to reap the rewards of being both healthy and experienced!

Of course, you did not anticipate that becoming older was going to be more than developing a wiser outlook on life.

You may not have known that living longer comes with its difficulties, like developing scars and painful memories, not to mention the build up of toxins in the body, and increased wear and tears. You didn’t think your body would feel heavy dragging your tired soul around.


New Zealand sent Canada a beam of Light and you can learn all about her here

Hayley Winter with her son Ethan Fazli
Hayley Winter with her son Ethan Fazli

I have known Hayley Winter for over two years because her son, Ethan, has been attending the martial arts classes I coach at Champions Martial Arts Academy.

When I found out that she was organizing events for empowering women, alongside launching a Positive Mental Health program into schools, I became curious and learned more about her passion for helping others.

I quickly saw that her motivation to inspire came from her own journey of self-improvement and experiencing her own ups and downs in life. …

Dr. Udo Erasmus is a pioneer of the health and wellness industry which created FLAX OIL and the Healthy Fats Movement. He is also the co-founder of the UDO’S CHOICE supplement brand, a global leader in cutting edge health products having sold tens of millions of bottles of healthy oils, probiotics and digestive enzymes.

Udo is an accomplished author including Fats that Heal Fats that Kill that has sold over 250,000 copies worldwide. Udo has extensive education in Biochemistry and Biology, a Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology from Adler University and has impacted over 5,000,000+ lives by passionately conducting 5,000+…

After interviewing Sara a couple of months ago, I later decided to try homeopathy. Since then, she has been guiding me on this exciting holistic journey and I must add it is quite intriguing. I am looking forward to continuing on this path and I am curious to see where it will take me health-wise. I am honored to feature her second part interview this month and to share it with you. Sara will be sharing with us credible researches, documentaries and books on the homeopathic industry; about the current pandemic crisis and about a medical device used in Japanese…

Sara Namazi gets poetic about your immune system (Part 1)

I met Sara Namazi through a mutual friend and was immediately inspired by her poetic demeanor.

She struck me as a bohemian, but I very soon learned that she has a background in Nutrition, homeopathy, optician training, and reiki. Sara’s old soul pulled me towards the realization of how lost I can get in a modern lifestyle of conveniences and guilty pleasures.

We have a common interest in the health of the mind, body, and spirit. When I asked her if I could interview her for my audience, she accepted with kindness. …


Mother’s Day is approaching.

My mom is simple on the outside, and complicated on the inside.

I always think if my mother and I were the same age, our paths would not cross because we are so different.

But, there is a lesson to be learned from family members who are different from us. After all, we choose our friends, but not our family. We are stuck with them, so let’s make the best of the journey.

I admire her independence and her resilience to some major forced changes she encountered. …

It is important to ask this question from time to time: How is my work affecting my health? Is it making me sick, and what can I do?

This article is for those of us who cannot stop working and about finding a balance between work and health.

Not everyone has the luxury to change or leave their jobs right away. Others love what they do too much to change, but their health gets compromised. So, if your work is causing you stress, have bills to pay, and mouths to feed, what can you do?

All you need to do…

Understanding the warning signs of depression among seniors.

If you like to be treated with respect and kindness, make certain you are treating others the same way. If you are impatient in the presence of a pensioner, be careful because you too are destined to be a senior.

I wanted to write two parallel stories. One is a personal story about my father, and the other is a public observation about depression among the elderly in our community. The purpose of this article is to help us understand mental illness in older adults, with some tips on how to help them feel loved and cared for.

Before I…

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